Monday, July 27, 2009

Randall Exon 1956-

Toward the Sea, 8 x 20 inches, oil on board

Cliffs Near Early's Farm

The canvases and boards sold in art supply shops are usually formatted to standard golden rectangles, but formats stretched in the horizontal can be more interesting, and better evoke the vastness of a landscape.

Jo Bertini - Australian

Dune Moon II, 45 x 45 cm

Desert Salt Farming

Simeon Walker - Australian

Rock Formation, Oil on linen 91 x 213 cm

Miracle on the Service Road

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Fleurieu Landscape Competition

Morgan Allender, Evensong Gordon River,
Oil on Linen, 137 x 168 cm

Chris Delpratt, Through Trees and Beyond,
Oil on Canvas, 95 x 112 cm

These two Australian works are nearly monochrome. Australian artists have been greatly influenced by Chinese and Japanese ink landscape paintings.