Sunday, February 17, 2008


Lawrence Daws - Australian

Glasshouse Mountains

Karin Daymond - South African

John Caldwell - Australian

Michael White

Michael White is an Australian artist with a gallery in the Blue Mountains. His works have a strong sense of design, and the colours of the Australian bush.

Grace Cossington Smith - Australian


Replace cabbages with flowers
combines still life and landscape genres

Australian Seascape

Australian seascape

Albert Bierstadt - German/American

Moat Mountain, Intervale, New Hampshire,
circa 1862, oil on paper mounted on canvas, 48.58 x 66.36 cm

Niagara, 14 x 19 inches, oil on paper laid on canvas

Bierstadt poeticised the landscapes he saw rather than trying to make topographically accurate records.

The Tempest

Poynter? Tempest

Nixon - Tempest

Friday, February 8, 2008

Vic Riesau - American

9 x12 inches

Salinas River


Kroyer - Danish


Carlsen - Summer Clouds

Monet - Chemin dans les Bles a Pourville

Chen, ji - Lake Argyle (Kimberleys) - Oil on Canvas

Alexander Harrison

(Thomas) Alexander Harrison 15.5x39.5in

Alexander Harrison - The Wave - 39 x 118 inches, USA.