Thursday, January 17, 2013

John Nash

John Nash:
1. A Path Through Trees, ca. 1915.
2. Gloucester Landscape.
3. The Cornfield, 1918.

The English painter John Nash is perhaps best known for his work as a war artist. His depictions of the horrors of WW1 had a great impact.
These landscapes show a deep love and understanding of nature, and even though he was largely untrained, and the works have a naive quality, they are also often executed with a fine sense of craftsmanship. He was also a print-maker.
He was a lover of Dora Carrington (bottom painting), and a major influence on her work.

Dora Carrington, Farm at Watendlath, 1921

Here's a link to a post about this period of British landscape painting, on the blog Art and Architecture mainly: two exhibitions of British landscapes


Hels said...

I had been very interested in John Nash and his contemporaries a number of times over the past few years, especially in "Two exhibitions of British landscapes".

The reason I wanted to create a link to your post was because you have an example of Dora Carrington's work, often not included in most studies of landschapes. She was a lovely artist in her own right!

Many thanks

jeronimus said...

Hi Hels.
Yes, Dora Carrington is wonderful and deserves a post of her own. I will have to find some more examples of her work when I get time.
Thanks for linking to this post. I'll add your link to the post itself.